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Car, Home, or Business Unlocking Service – We offer professional lockout services in Eugene, OR ’round the clock!

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Lockouts happen to each and everyone of us. While the most common lockout service that we perform is unlocking a car. We do much more than this24 Hour Unlocking Service. Give us a call today, and be sure to use our online coupon for an instant 10% off!

Why Choose Us When Locked Out?

Locksmith Eugene OR travels up to 30 miles from Eugene, OR. While our primary areas of service are Eugene and Springfield, Oregon, we do travel around the entire region, including Creswell, Cottage Grove, Veneta, etc. Our 24 hour unlocking service is not only available all day and all night. We work throughout the year, even on holidays. Our response time is 15 min or less in Eugene and Springfield. Let us help make your day better.

Lockout Services in Your Area

Unlock A Car

Ah, the loathsome automotive lockout. Done with the groceries inside. Now to realize that your keys are not on you. You meekly pat down your pockets. The keys are in the car. You immediately notice that the doors are shut and probably locked. Now you must call a 24 hour locksmith service in Eugene!

We can be on site in 15 min or less to unlock a car for you. Why waste time trying to find the best option when our prices and arrival time are unmatched!

Unlock A Car

Are your house keys locked inside? Residential lockouts are a pain and require a little more skill and tech than a car lockout. Depending on the type of locks that you have, picking may not be an option. What does this mean? Sometimes, we have to drill. Send over the details about the lock. Is it a Schlage lock? Is it a Kwikset lock? What about the deadbolt? Is it locked?

Unlock A Car

Commercial lockouts are similar to residential lockouts. Time and difficulty can be the same. However, there are some restrictions for commercial lockouts. Some high security and magnetic locks cannot be picked and require additional services. Also, we prioritize commercial lockouts over many other non-emergency jobs, so let us know how we can help you!

Call (012) 345-6789 today for a professional unlocking service with no hidden fees or long ways. Remember, all returning customers receive up to $25 off all lockout services!