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Residential Locksmith Eugene OR – We offer professional locksmith services in Eugene, OR ’round the clock!

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Do you need a residential locksmith in Eugene, OR? Are you wondering what a locksmith for homes can even do for you? Our local locksmith service in Eugene, OR offers residential customers quality solutions 24 hours a day. Whether you are locked out, experiencing damaged locks, or need to find a local service to install locks on your new home, you are in good hands with Residential Locksmith Eugene OR.

Residential Services

Unlock A Home

Are you locked out of your house or apartment? Call now for our 24 hour unlocking service. With an average response time of 15 minutes in Eugene & Springfield, Oregon, residential lockouts are no longer a style crusher! We unlock sheds, bathrooms, bedrooms, closets, garages, front doors, back doors, sheds, attics, etc. Regardless of the situation, call us today at (012) 345-6789 if you need a residential locksmith to help get you back inside!


Lock Services


Lock services can be divided into four primary categories: Lock Rekey, Lock Repair, Lock Replacement, and Lock Installation. Most of these are straightforward. If you have a door with no locking mechanism but want to change this, then you need lock installation. If you want to replace an existing lock with a more secure one or perhaps one that just looks different, you can depend on our lock change service. When experiencing a broken or damaged lock, we can often repair the lock without actually replacing it. In the event that the lock has been damaged so that repair can no longer be an option, then, of course, we can replace it.

Lock rekey is another popular service. We can rekey any locks that you have, making existing keys a thing of the past. Once we rekey a lock and provide you the new keys, only those new keys can bypass the locking mechanism.

Garage Door Repair

Is your garage not shutting or opening all the way? Have you been noticing a screeching sound that is getting worse? Call Residential Locksmith Eugene OR today to have us repair any part of your garage door. We offer spring tightening and replacement, garage door repair and installation, as well as consultations. We can even order accessories for you through our distributor! Whatever the issue is with your garage door, trust us to help you out!

Call Residential Locksmith Eugene OR by dialing (012) 345-6789 when an emergency arises. Have you depended on our service before? Let us know for an immediate discount, regardless of what kind of service you are currently seeking!