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Lock repair typically falls into one of three categories: residential, commercial, or automotive. Sometimes, however, broken locks are so damaged that a professional technician might recommend lock replacement instead. This is especially relevant with older locks. What are some of the most common reasons one might repair a lock?

The most common cause of damage to almost every kind of lock is improper use of keys. Forcing a key into a lock before you are 100% sure you have the right key often leads to damage. This can also cause the key to break or become jammed in the lock itself. Age and weather both affect the efficacy of locks. Rapidly heating and cooling environments tend to reduce the longevity of many types of locks but proper care and maintenance can reduce the overall damage drastically.

If you find yourself locked out, Locksmith Eugene OR highly recommends you leave the lock picking to a professional. Many repair and replacement jobs that we perform are due to customers trying to gain entry after losing or misplacing a key. More often than not, damage to locks is completely avoidable when relying on experts. Give us a call today at (541) 283-2555. Leave the locks to the experts!

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Our base of operations is in Eugene, Oregon. We do travel throughout the entire area. Are you in Cottage Grove, Creswell, Springfield, Veneta, etc? Call us today to learn all there is to know about quality discounts on all lock repair services that you are in need of. Locksmith Eugene OR offers up to 25% off labor and parts costs for repeat customers and we reduce the travel expense to $10 for customers in Eugene. Call (541) 283-2555 to have all of your locks repaired in a timely, affordable manner!