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Car Key Replacement, Key Fobs & Transponder Keys

Lose Your Auto Key? – We offer professional key replacement and programming services in Eugene, OR ’round the clock!

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In the 21st century, dealerships are no longer the sole possessors of technology and skills to duplicate or make brand new car keys. In fact, more and more people are ditchin’ the dealership completely to rely on a local locksmith service to replace their keys.

So why should you use a locksmith for car key replacement:


We can see you and complete the service the same day that you call us! Depending on the exact key that we need to make you, car key replacement ranges from a two hour to a four hour job. Dealerships might require you to make an appointment for another day, but who has time for that? Call us for service today!


If you lost or broke your car key, then you probably have no way to drive your vehicle. We are a mobile car key replacement service. Once you get us on the phone and request our services, a technician will you call you momentarily to let you know that he is on the way to your location! No towing necessary !


Our prices are almost always cheaper than dealership prices, and our prices reflect the travel distance of the technician, parts, and labor! Have you already been quoted a price from your dealership? Well let us try to beat it or at least match it. Also, when using our services, remember that we do have written warranties.

By and large, locksmiths are the way to go for car key replacement, but choosing the right locksmith might not seem as important as it is. We offer special deals for local customers who have used our services before. Keep our number, (012) 345-6789, on file so right when you need a local lock service, you know we are available now!