Avoid Lockouts By Following These Tips!

Lockouts are the bane of any buy person. Rarely do our schedules make room for mishaps such as locking one’s keys in the car or being locked out of one’s home or business. Here are a few tips that Locksmith Eugene recommends in order to prevent lockouts altogether. Should you find yourself locked out, you can also call Locksmith Eugene at (541) 283-2555!

Prevent Car Lockouts

  1. Always keep at least one spare car key in your home. It is important to have at least one spare key in your home. Not having or not being able to find a spare key is the number one reason people rely on 24 hour unlocking services to get them back inside. Many car keys are expensive to replace or duplicate today. This is due to the security features that modern keys have such as transponder chips. One great option is to have a simple door key made for your vehicle. This key will not be able to communicate with your ignition, but it will be able to unlock the doors.
  2. Keep a key attached to your car. We love recommending this to people. Next time you have some spare time, take a screwdriver and remove your license plate. You can then attach a mechanical door key to the back of your license plate before reattaching it. This key will not start the car, but if you lock your real set inside, you have access to this key in a matter of minutes. This is perfect for when you are not at home to get your spare!
  3. Make sure at least one other person has access to your vehicle. Whether via a roommate/spouse, neighbor, or a friend, it is highly recommended to leave at least one key with someone you trust.

Prevent Home Lockouts

  1. Keep a spare house key in your car. This might seem obvious, but most of the residential lockouts that perform could have been avoided by following this simple step. Keeping a spare car key in your home and a spare house key in your car will prevent 90% of all lockouts, saving you time and money. Another option is to keep a spare key in your wallet and/or your purse. This is especially useful for when you lock our main set of keys in either your home or car, since this will probably mean you are locked out of both. You should only use this spare minimally so not to lose it.
  2. Keep a spare outside your property. This is probably the number one thing that people can to avoid a time-consuming and expensive residential lockout service. In movies, you might see people place a key under a mat, but this is not recommended. You can buy magnetic cases that can be attached to air condition units or cases meant to be buried in pots. Place a key inside, and never worry about being locked out again!
  3. Make sure at least one other person has a key to your home. While renters can typically be let in via property manager or a landlord, it is recommended to leave a key with a trusted neighbor or close friend.

Please keep in mind that none of these recommendations are guarantee lockout prevention 100% of the time, but if you follow these steps, you will rarely find yourself in need of a professional lockout service. Above all else, we encourage you to always keep track of your keys and to have a place for them when you are home. For 24 hour assistance, please call Locksmith Eugene at (541) 283-2555!

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